Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Astronomy Post: Ask me anything to help get this blog rolling!

Though anyone who knows me well already knows this, I just feel the need to explain to anyone who doesn't that I am quite passionate about astronomy. Fact: I'm a closet nerd. Since astronomy is a big hobby of mine and a possible candidate for a future career (high school astronomy teacher), I think I am going to start blogging a bit about the topic of astronomy.

I will try to post anything interesting that is going to occur, like meteor showers, eclipses, etc. so that those not as obsessed with astronomy as myself, could perhaps see something interesting.

For starters I'd be happy to talk about or answer any questions that you might have about astronomy or space? I can explain most anything about basic star viewing techniques/telescopes, constellations, black holes, planets, stars, or weird theories that many people could care less about. I have the new starry night software on my laptop and would be happy to use it to answer any questions I cannot answer off of the top of my head. :)



  1. Nice page. Here's my first question:

    How do Astronomers know how far away the farthest galaxy is?

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  3. Are there any asteroids currently on path with Earth?